Once Upon a Time in the Blue East

Once Upon a Time in the Blue East

Video 9min49

Concept / Staging / Camera / Video editing: Elma Riza

Dance: Mélanie Pruvost & Bori Szente

Berlin 2009 -2011


Two dancer, two character. A duel.

This project begun in an urban space: an empty pool. Its mean for me a blue circle in the city.

The Idea of this project came from this big vacant area composed with irregular crossed lines on the floor. From this structure came the idea of a dancing dialog and then to a dancing duel.

A duel that finally will be extended to other places in the city. The two character traverse

this places, looking for each other and at the end fight.

This film used the urban space as a stage for a story between this two character and give a dramatic and poetic vision on it.