Experiment O!

Experiment O! 2 performers + [- 2 objects] x \infin = 

A Co-production with the dancer Serena Noto

Duration: 20 – 40 min.

Berlin 2013 -2014

«Experiment O!» it’s a place of research.

The process of this work started with the research of a dialog between body and object: the body moves the object and from the body is moved. We started investigating the relation between the organic element and the object in the structural evidence of its form, within a space of possibilities, that build and deconstruct endlessly. The peculiar unpredictability of the Human body in movement and the structural precision of the object reveal a field of truth that open to the infinity of opportunities for interaction. Inside this space the object is handled in its substance, form, weight, history, aura, out of the custom of its used. It evocate and settles with the body a new density and consistency of   interaction.

Afterwards we decide to leave the objects apart. The body absorb the object in its memory. The body ins-pects the various forms it created beforehand to come as closer as possible to this memory, in order to write short choreographies. This action opens to the game of infinite variations a movement can be repeated through changes of speed, distances and energy qualities. We conduct at the same time a study on the amplified noises and sounds of the objects, used in the first part of the process.

This project is thought as a “Style Exercise”, where the repetition allows the discovery of infinity qualities of presence. We engaged ourselves in this work with the object, focused on its banality, on its “consumable”, “throw- away”, “recyclable” nature. And thanks to this neat approach we’ve been able to change our prospective and set free our curiosity to the second nature of the object, the poetic nature. From the clarity of the visible, we opened to the invisible. The challenge is to leave the object in order to investigate, experience and retrace in the body the object’s marks.