Between the Lines #5

Between the Lines #5 – Variations

Installation-performance: Elma Riza

Sound: Gisbert Schürig
Berlin 2015-2016

This version is two-dimensional : An ephemeral Picture, create with a thread and cleared with the movement. An endless variation developed from a defined structure… like 9 points x 3 lines.


“Between the lines” is a series of installation-performances with the intention to make visible the imaginary space created momentarily “in situ”, i.e. “in each location”. The third variation focuses on the spaces in-between.

The research project brought about various issues related to the perception of space – one the one hand, an ephemeral structure in constant change; on the other hand, the transition from invisible to visible structures. A kind of imaginary cartography, made tangible by the presence of the body in the empty space (exposition space/studio) and its interaction with lines.




  • Research 1

Between the Lines #5 / Work in Progress#1 from Elma

  • Research 2

August 2015 / Video Projection by the Xchange Festival Berlin / EDEN Studio Berlin


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