Playground #2

Material: 41 MIKADO Sticks painted in white and black – 1m
Duration: 60 min till 2 hours.
Mime Centrum Berlin
2015 -2016


Playground #1
Concept / Performance : Elma Riza
Sound : Klaus Janek
Duration: 20 min
Material: DOMINOS giants painted one side in blue

Ada Studio Berlin


„Playgrounds“ is a series of improvised solos in which the rules of the game are reinvented. It involves body, space and object and the interplay of action and abstraction. The emerging landscapes are created and rewriting of the rules of the game in the present moment. Space evolves and is undone; an imagined topography of the game develops in the process of improvisation – based on composition, the presence of the body and sound.

The series is based on this Idea:

“(…) You start to compose a landscape within wich an event can take place
without necessarily knowing what kind of event it will be. But as you begin to assemble objects you are already discovering something about it´s dimension and qualities. Shaping and reshaping the landscape is an integral part of improvisation (…)”*

For Playground #2, the movement is not in foreground like it was by Playground #1. Instead the focus is on stillness and on the perception of space. What I named “Body-image”. It´s mean that the body become a part of the visual composition.

„Like silence and stillness we experience space as an absence, an interval or relationship between things.“**

** “Body, space, image: notes towards improvisation and performance” Miranda Tufnell, Chris Crickmay, Dance Books, 1993

Indications for the audience – New version 2016:

“If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.” John Cage (1944)

This is an installation-performance and the public is invited to move between the different spaces, to change perspective, to forget time or to take a rest.


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