Between the Lines #9

Between the Lines #9 – Moving Landscape

Installation-performance: Elma Riza

Sound: Gisbert Schürig

Berlin, 2016

Play with verticality, horizontally, diagonal and spaces in between.
Create a sensitif space .
From a real space to an imaginary space.
A moving landscape.

The research project brought about various issues related to the perception of space – one the one hand, an ephemeral structure in constant change; on the other hand, the transition from invisible to visible structures. A moving landscape made tangible by the presence of the body and its interaction with lines.

« Between the lines » is a series of installation-performances and videos started in 2014. The main focus is on the spaces in-between with the intention to make visible the imaginary space created momentarily site specific.  The main focus are the spaces in-between.