Between the Lines

Between the Lines# 1-9

Installation-Performance Research
Material: thread, tape, chalk



« Between the lines » is a series of installations-performances and videos started in 2014. The main focus is on the spaces in-between with the intention to make visible the imaginary space created momentarily site specific.  The main focus are the spaces in-between.

This research project brought about various issues related to the perception of space – one the one hand, an ephemeral structure in constant change; on the other hand, the transition from invisible to visible structures. A moving landscape made tangible by the presence of the body and its interaction with lines.

„Lines, I insisted, are phenomena in themselves. They are really there, in us and aoround us. Indeed there is no esca- ping them, for in any attempt to flee we only lay another one. (…) Why should theory and methaphor be thought to be the only alternatives for the lines? Why cannot the line be just as real as whatever passes along it, if indeed the two can be distinguished at all? And if the idea that lines can be real is alien our sensibilities, then what was it that tipped me into this strange world of entanglement?(…)“.

„Lines_ A brief history“ by Tim Ingold, Rutledge 2007


Between the Lines #9 – Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin 2016

Between the Lines #8 – 2016

Between the Lines #7 – Lake Studio Berlin, 2016

Between the Lines#6 – 2015

Between the Lines #5 – Eden Studio Berlin, 2015-2016

Between the Lines #4 – ACUD Galerie Berlin, 2014 – 2015

Between the Lines #3 – Gelengenheit Berlin, 2014

Between the Lines #2 – Galerie Fahrrad Büro Berlin, 2014

Between the Lines #1 – TATWERK Berlin, 2014