Overlaps – in and out

Overlaps In & Out

Site specific installation-performance
Kunstverein Neukölln
Material: Tape pink 2 cm. PVC


Photos © René Moritz / Kunstverein Neukölln


“Overlaps – in and out” questioning the border between space and topos in public and private spaces. An installation will be create site specific, in extension to architecture details. The body will become a part of it, as a visual element, as a second extension of the  installation. Each picture created in each location is the materialization of an imaginary space related to the topography of the place.  This overlapping from imaginary and real invite the public to perceive the space on different levels.

This experience is based on the reflexion: „Phenomenological Space“ by Hubert Godard

„I´m in the space and the space is in me.“

„Space is a word that we use constantly in our work as dancers and bodyworkers, but it is an ambiguous term. I will use the term space when I talk about imaginary building of our relationship to the world, and I will use topos, when I am talking about real, geographical, measurable space. When people meet or interact, it is a mix of the two. What I´m calling space, the imaginary building of the phenomenon, is linked to our personal story. (…)”