Serie of site specific installations – Nürtingen Grundschule Berlin
Material: blue tape 1,5cm.




„Evidences“ is a installation project for public space. The first version of it takes form in the Nürtingen primary school in Berlin in the frame of a residency “Max -Artist in Residence an Grundschule”.

The project was motivated by the question: how to become visible as an artist in an institution like a school? How to wake up curiosity in a place where each room have a function, where each hours is planed?

The installation is influenced by this idea of integration and differentiation. With this idea I start to developed a series of shapes in the space. To draw the first part of a shape I used tape to underline geometrical elements already present in the architecture of the place and developed it in an abstract composition.

Half integrated in the space, half as a stranger element, this drawings are the evidences of my passage in the building. But they give also another perspective to perceive the space differently, some details became after this action visible for the daily users of the school.

Blue is what solicits a certain way of looking from me, it is what allows itself to be palpated by a specific movement of my gaze. It is a certain field or a certain atmosphere offered to the power of my eyes and of my entire body. (Phenomenology of Perception, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 1945)