Tentatives à la Limite_Yellow!

Tentatives à la limite_Yellow
Evolutive installation
60 min. till 2 hours

The space is a playground for an experiment, where objects and materials are combined to create a picture in constant evolution. The all action is structured by a series of drawings-scores. Like Georges Perec wrote a book without E (La Disparition 1969), this work is an attempt to work with the notion of limitation in a playful way. with for rules: Only yellow and 14 drawings/scores for each object or material. This project is inspired by the literary group Oulipo (France 1960).

 Research – live installation.

This work was developped in resonnance to

Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture (2013). In this book, the Anthropolog Tim Ingold explores the idea that the thought processes of makers and the materials they use are in a continuous process of correspondence and becoming through one another.

Ingold argues that creativity emerges from within an ongoing, improvisational process between makers, materials and other non-human things such as tools and the physical environment. These non-human play an active role in influencing the thought processes of the maker and vice-versa. The creation of objects and learning transpires from within complex and reciprocal relations between these forces. This suggests that new objects and artefacts such as artworks, are not produced from humans projecting ready-made thoughts onto the materials as this approach “… leaves out the very creativity of the processes where both things, and ideas are generated. They (the new objects and artefacts) are generated on one hand in the flows and transformations of materials and on the other hand in the movement of the imagination and the sensory awareness of the maker… (Ingold, 2012).” Artworks become moments of materialised intensity that work to constitute a much larger, expansive and continuously interconnected network of relations.” (Article wroted by Louisa Penfold, 2017)

Ingold, T (2012). Thinking through making. Presentation from the Institute for Northern Culture ‘Tales from the North.’ Viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygne72-4zyo

Ingold, T (2013). Making: Anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture. Oxon: Routledge.