Proposition for a project in Ruhrgebiet

Material: coal / soil / seeds



“Between Dortmund and Bochum, is a the field of subsidence was created because the ground sank so deeply as a result of coal mining that it fell below the level of the groundwater. The reason for this Landscape change was the complete clearing of the coal seams deep under the earth, so that cavities were formed, which were supported makeshift, but finally collapsed under the pressure of the upper layers of rock. This created a swamp area, a paradise for birds.”

This installation was created from this story told by Joseph Hendricks, in “Heimatbuch für Dortmund”, Georg Westmann Verlag, Brunswick 1965). A soundtrack is part of the Installation and recorded on site.

The installation evolves during the exhibition, as plant shoots slowly appear…

„The space is not an abstract empty but rather the product of countless concrete moments.“
Gordon Matta-Clark