Instant drawing, thread, 18 thumbtacks // Video

The constantly evolving design finds its structure in the limitation of the 18 points on the wall and explores all the infinite variations it allows. Like paintings that are made and unmake, the geometry of the forms creates abstract and ephemeral landscapes.

Le dessin en constante évolution trouve sa structure dans la limitation des 18 points sur le mur et explore toute les variations infinies qu’elles permettent. Comme des tableaux qui se font et se défont, la géométrie des formes créent de paysage abstrait et éphémère.

This project is part of a research on the line that began in 2014, inspired by the book “A Brief History of Line” by anthropologist Tim Ingold.

“The line is not really one of the subjects to which much attention is paid. There are anthropological works on visual art, music and dance, speech and writing, crafts and material culture, but none deal with the production and meaning of lines. However, it only takes a moment’s thought to realize that the lines are everywhere. Wherever they go and whatever they do, men make lines by walking, talking, or making gestures.” (A Brief History of the Line, by Tim Ingold, Routledge, 2007)