PLAYGROUND // Kunstquartier Bethanien // 2016

performative installation – geants mikados painted in black and white – 60 min. till 2 hours

“Playground” is a performative installation, in which Elma Riza uses an object associated with an existing game – the mikado. She diverts it by reinventing the rules of I to create abstract landscapes, like three-dimensional paintings. It is an instantaneous composition that stages the body, the space and the object. The game is distorted and loses its primary goal, that of winning the game. Instead, what is at stake is the abstract composition and the image-sculpture created for an instant. The compositions are made and undone indefinitely and the public is invited to move around these ephemeral sculptures, to change perspective.

(…) You start to compose a landscape within wich an event can take place
without necessarily knowing what kind of event it will be. But as you begin to assemble objects you are already discovering something about it´s dimension and qualities. Shaping and reshaping the landscape is an integral part of improvisation (…)”*”Body, space, image: notes towards improvisation and performance” Miranda Tufnell, Chris Crickmay, Dance Books, 1993

“Playground” est une installation performative, dans laquelle Elma Riza utilise un objet associé à un jeu existant – le mikado. Elle le détourne en réinventant les règles du je pour créer des paysages abstraits, comme des tableaux trois dimensionnel. C’est une composition instantanée qui met en scène le corps, l’espace et l’objet. Le jeu est dénaturée et perd son but premier, celui de gagner la partie. A la place l’enjeu se trouve dans la composition abstraite et l’image-sculpture créé pour un instant. Les compositions se font et se défont indéfiniment et le public est invité à se déplacer autour de ces sculptures éphémères, à changer de perspective.