Atelier LAB_IN

When instant composition meet visual art

Atelier LAB was created in October 2017, in Elma Riza’s atelier, it is a research that has developed thanks to the invited artists (Stephanie Hanna, Anne Mundo, Anaïs Edely, Marieke Horstmann, Ruben Gonzalez Escudero, Anna-Luella Zahner, Aurélie Pertusot, Renaud Héléna, Marta Colombo…).

Since 2019, the Atelier LAB takes the form of a joint research whose heart is a quatuor with Aurélie Pertusot, Anaïs Edely and Renaud Héléna. From this common experience came the initiative to create the collective Les Actionnaires (2020). Atelier LAB is above all a space for experimentation and research, where visual art and instant composition merge.

Objects, bodies, sounds, spaces meet and compose instantaneous images. It is a collective composition where each one brings his own objects and a fragment of his universe. 

“Though the 86 aspects represent a wide spectrum of concerns ranging from the conceptual to the physical, they reflect a relatively intellectual way of looking at art and life. This approach is easily counterbalanced by the ever-present factors of instinct, physical intelligence, clothes, chance, and mistakes.”
(…) “The 86 aspects provide specific areas of focus both for observation and for action. They can narrow the frame if we want to look only at the parts, and they can broaden our field of view when we want to look at the whole.”
Quote from Mike Vargas, “Looking at Composition Is Like Painting the Golden Gate Bridge, 86 aspects of composition”, 2003Protocol:

Compositions of 20 min. in studio

Limited choice of objects and materials 

Focus and Limitations: Working with scores in the form of cards (ZB. Mike Vargas “86 Aspects of Composition”, or scores developed by members of the collective.

Atelier LAB experiments are documented and then presented online in the form of short videos.


With Elma Riza, Anaïs Edely, Renaud HélénaAurélie Pertusot & guests: Marta ColomboAnna-Luella Zahner, Marieke Hortsmann

video editing: Elma Riza

© Les Actionnaires