Atelier LAB

When instant composition meet visual art

Atelier LAB is a platform for experimentation and exchange for visual artists interested in instantaneous and ephemeral composition.

This research is based on the “86 Aspects of Composition” by Make Vargas

Initiated by Elma Riza in October 2017.



Documentation 2017/19

With Anais Edely, Marieke Hortsmann, Anne Mundo, Stephanie Hanna, Ruben Gonzalez Escudero, Aurélie Pertusot, Renaud Helena, Marta Colombo



When the visual arts merge with the Instant Composition….

Since 2016, Elma Riza has been developing her research based on Mike Vargas’ “86 Aspects of Composition”, which lists the notions that are omnipresent in the practice of improvisation, whether in music, dance or performance.

From there, Elma Riza set up a LAB (Atelier Lab), where she invites different plastic artists to compose together.

For its purposes, 1 to 3 notions from the 86 will be chosen, then 2 to 3 materials/objects per artist in order to structure and give a focus to the research. Over a given period of time (20 min. minimum) participants are invited to compose with reference to the chosen concepts and in reaction to the images created, which appear and disappear during the session.

Following some of his meetings, some projects have emerged, such as “Differential Equation” or “Follow the Blue Line”. The common composition left in the studio space is reduced to a minimum by the artist, then from this minimal base, reworked over several weeks and developed until it finds its final form in the exhibition space.