Sculptures filaires

Give some poesie in your daly life!

Elma Riza offers you the opportunity to purchase a site-specific sculpture for your space, consisting of threads and geometric shapes.

The triangle as a basic shape developed to infinity… Each sculpture is unique and made site specific. The colours and design are inspired by the architecture and interior design of each space.

Where can the sculptures be installed?

  • in your flat
  • in offices / meeting room
  • in waiting rooms
  • in all spaces that lend themselves to a poetry of abstaction!

Two formulas are available:

  • Carte Blanche: the artist decide the shapes and the colors
  • Fil d’Ariane: you decide wich color and can choose between three possibilties (simulations)

For more information, please contact me directly:

FACEBOOK PAGE: @sculpturesfilaires

Concept ©Elma Riza

Elma Riza is a visual artist based in Berlin, this project is inspired by her work and her love for geometric shapes and themes of space and perception.