Extended Blue

“Story of Shapes-Extended Blue”

An installation-performance
A collaboration by Elma Riza (installation concept, performance) / Mireia Aragones (performance) / Eric Wong (Sound)
Duration:  20 min. – 60 min.
Material: Blue Tape 2.5cm

An abstract landscape takes shape, the border between the visible and the invisible becomes porous and lets other spaces emerge…
The performers Elma Riza & Mireia Aragones, and the musician Eric Wong work with the idea to create a particular space-time, inviting the spectator to sharpen his perception. Each element, sound, graphic, body participates in this amplification of the senses. “Story of Shapes – extended Blue” oscillates between an abstract language and sketches of fictions. The bodies explore the possibilities of a minimal universe, made of lines and sounds. And this exploration is like a constant research of the right composition, of the presence of the bodies in the moment in echo to the environment which surrounds them. A plurality of truths of the perception of a space and its evolution.

“Story of Shapes – Extended Blue” is an instant composition, we focus on the process and for that we understand performance as a practice. It is a never ending process, each performance is new but at the same time is a continuation of the previous one.” Elma Riza

“The blue is what solicits from me a certain way of looking, it is what can be felt by a specific movement of my gaze. It is a certain field or a certain atmosphere offered to the power of my eyes and my whole body. “(Phenomenology of the perception, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 1945)

Photos: Luca S – 2015 / LayLay -2021

Video / SPACE/TIME FESTIVAL / Flutgraben Berlin / February 2016

Video / Xchange Festival / EDEN Studio Berlin / July 2016

Eric Wong born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, a guitarist and computer musician. Although he has taken some lessons in younger age, he is pretty much an autodidact. After spending years going between rock and electronic music, his current focus are free improvisation and sound manipulation. Currently based in Berlin, and having been performed in Germany, Hong Kong, China, USA, China, Poland, etc. Besides solo works, other projects he is also involved include rock duo Meta Fog with Sascia Pellegrini patchworking pop culture montage, musical collective Stoic Strangers with Wilson Tsang plus other Hong Kong based musicians, and improvisational guitar/piano duo Se Noh Te with Eunice Martins.
Mireia Aragones born 1983 in Barcelona, is researching about the meaning and conditions of presence since more than10 years. Her path has brought her through Contemporary Dance, BMC, Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Meditation and Buddhism; finding big inspiration in teachers like Julien Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, Martin Keogh or Martha Eddy. She learns, dance, teaches in Berlin since 2008, and until 2011 performs in collaboration with other dancers, musicians and visual artists. Since 2011 her research on presence­performance-state­whatisthisallabout is mostly been developed in the multidisciplinary performative projects The Meeting Point Berlin (until 2014), regular study groups like Imprevu Collective (since 2014) and in her classes and Workshops. mireiaaragones.wix.com/consciousmovement