February – March 2023

  • Photo exhibition Proceate Project Archive / Ovada, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Realisation of the short film “Trois Femmes” in collaboration with Myriam Riza, Tunisia


28 -30 April 2023

K-OFF Festival Gabes Cinéma Fen 5ème édition

Screening of my video “Aïn”, realized in 2022 in Nefta, Tunisia


30 May – 2 June 2023

Framing the city

Workshop dance and Video with Eva Burghardt & Susanne Soldan


April – June 2023

Video-performance project “Framing the city” with the Sudden Starlings Collective in collaboration with Fabrik Potsdam

June 2023

Residency at raum on demand at the Alte Münze Berlin

Development of the photo project “From line to the city”

19 – 22 October 2023

My film “Aïn” will be presented as part of the manifestation Oasis Art as part of the Dunes électroniques festival in Nefta (Tunisia).