22.08 – 4.09.2022
Project Residency “DiR – Dance in Residence Brandenburg” at the Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam
A collaboration with Eva Burghardt und Susanne Soldan (video & dance)

In cooperation with fabrik moves and the supra-regional cooperation and network project DiR – Dance in Residence Brandenburg, two dance performances / performative installations will take place at KunstHaus Potsdam during the runtime of the exhibition. They will explore the relationship between body and space and refer to the works in the exhibition “FIGUR – GRUND 2”.

Residence presentation: 4 September / 4pm & 6 pm.



27 August 4:30 pm.
In Situ LAB _ Les actionnaires
with Anaïs Edely, Renaud Héléna, Aurélie Pertusot, Elma Riza
Europacity Vakuum Festival


28.09 -14.10.2022

Documentary project “Des femmes artistes en Tunisie” in collaboration with La Boîte_Un lieu d’art contemporain, Tunis.


More about the project: https://laylay5.com/


Good news! I got a scholarship from the Stiftung Kunstfonds!! 

The special funding program “NEUSTART KULTUR: Stipendium für freiberufliche bildende Künstler:innen” (NEUSTART CULTURE: Scholarship for Freelance Visual Artists) aims to support artistic production and ideas from the crisis for a new start in pandemic times. It is part of the NEUSTART KULTUR future program initiated by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

Artistic projects funded by this scholarship:

  • Post editing of the video “Aïn” (filmed during my residency in Dar Hi, Nefta-Tunisia in April 2022)
  • Kuratorial video project “INSIGHT# women artists berlin” with 5 videos portraits of Marta Colombo, Vanessa Farfàn, Marion Orfila, Emilie Delugeau & Nicole Heinzel _ https://laylay5.com/insight/