Promenades Linéaires

A collaboration with Aurélie Pertusot

Performative Installation // Milchhof Pavillon Berlin // 2019

Material : White thread

The site-specific performance installation “Promenades linéaires” is a collaboration between Elma Riza and Aurélie Pertusot following a dialogue on the concept of space. The immediate composition, which is linked to the movement of the body in the landscape, transforms the place into a space for experimentation. She takes the architecture as a support and shows evolutionary and temporary forms that change our spatial perception.

A walk, which is about a dialogue about the concept of space (space begins between two People, between two points, between two
places*) in our respective approaches would develop around the idea, visual/sound performative compositions on the Basis of a common working method for develop. Our reflection is based on a book by Tim Inglod, anthropologist and ethnologist: a short history of the lines. “Wherever they go and whatever they do, people draw lines: walking,
Writing, drawing or weaving are activities, at where lines are omnipresent, just like the Use of voice, hands or feet.”
We are both involved in creation in context interested in the shift, in relation to Intervention and sampling in the landscape and
Bodies in motion in the landscape. ” (…..) I write in my brain while I go for a walk, in the middle of rocks and forests (…).”.

“The whole being is only in motion, which crosses the space, is fully realized and thrives.” “The march has something and invigorates.” This specific type of exchange, which it allows us to walk in the landscape, part to be of it and to discuss it, will be for us a
first experience. After this first walk we are immersed in the landscape, which we have crossed through, and we will use this material as creative basis for our performance. This exchange about our different spatial ideas, we would like to discuss with the audience
and for this we invite the visitors of the Exhibition, part of our Performative Walk to be. For each place the “Promenades Linéaires” are reinvented and contextualized.

  • Chris Younès, Jean-Jacques Rousseau: the space or the temptation of