BETWEEN THE LINES #4 // ACUD Galerie Berlin – Atelier Real Lisboa //2015

Performative – Installation, black & with tape

Draw a space made of lines. Spaces in between.
Copy and move the line in the space.
The body is part of the composition.

“Between the lines #4” is a two-hour performative installation that aims to make visible an imaginary space created in the moment, whose structure develops as it goes along.

The project brought to light various questions related to the perception of space – on the one hand, a constantly changing ephemeral structure; on the other hand, the transition from invisible to visible structures. A kind of imaginary cartography, made tangible by the presence of the body in the empty space (exhibition/studio space) and its interaction with the lines.

Dessiner un espace fait de lignes. Des espaces entre.
Copiez et déplacez la ligne dans l’espace.
Le corps fait partie de la composition.

“Between the lines #4” est une installation performative de deux heures qui vise à rendre visible un espace imaginaire créé dans l’instant, dont la structure se développe au fur et à mesure.

Ce projet met en lumière diverses questions liées à la perception de l’espace – d’une part, une structure éphémère en constante évolution ; d’autre part, le passage de structures invisibles à des structures visibles. Une sorte de cartographie imaginaire, rendue tangible par la présence du corps dans l’espace vide (espace d’exposition/studio) et son interaction avec les lignes.

This project is part of a research on the line that began in 2014, inspired by the book “A Brief History of Line” by anthropologist Tim Ingold.

“The line is not really one of the subjects to which much attention is paid. There are anthropological works on visual art, music and dance, speech and writing, crafts and material culture, but none deal with the production and meaning of lines. However, it only takes a moment’s thought to realize that the lines are everywhere. Wherever they go and whatever they do, men make lines by walking, talking, or making gestures.” (A Brief History of the Line, by Tim Ingold, Routledge, 2007)