Overlaps IN & OUT

OVERLAPS IN AND OUT // Kunstverein Neukölln // 2017

Performative installation, pink tape and pink outfit – 40 min

“Overlaps – in and out” questions the boundary between space and topos in public and private spaces. An installation created according to the site, in the extension of the architectural details. The body is placed in the installation as an integral part of the composition. Each image created is the materialization of an imaginary space linked to the topography of the place.  This superimposition of the imaginary and the real invites the public to perceive the space at different levels.

This experience is based on the reflection: “Phenomenological space” by Hubert Godard.
“I’m in space and space is in me.”
“Space” is a word we use constantly in our work as dancers and bodyworkers, but it’s an ambiguous term. I will use the term space when I talk about the imaginary construction of our relationship to the world, and I will use topos, when I talk about real, geographical, measurable space. When people meet or interact, it’s a mixture of the two. What I call space, the imaginary construction of the phenomenon, is linked to our personal history. (…)”

“Overlaps – in and out” interroge la frontière entre l’espace et le topos dans les espaces publics et privés. Une installation créée en fonction du site, dans le prolongement des détails de l’architecture. Le corps  est placé dans l’installation comme partie intégrante de la composition. Chaque image créée est la matérialisation d’un espace imaginaire lié à la topographie du lieu.  Cette superposition de l’imaginaire et du réel invite le public à percevoir l’espace à différents niveaux.